Cartridges Explained!

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Cartridges Explained

Know the difference between OEM, New Compatible and/or Remanufactured. Make informed decisions!

New Compatible

New Compatible Toner/Ink cartridges are manufactured by a company other than the OEM, using 100% new parts, designed as closely as possible to the original, while respecting the various design patents held by OEM's. New compatible cartridges are quick to market and equivalent to the OEM in all aspects of yield, colour reproduction and overall print quality. The significant benefit of New Compatibles is selection and savings!


Remanufactured Toner/Ink are refurbished using OEM cartridge cores that have only been used once. Remanufactured cartridges are developed using only the highest quality replacement materials, continuous testing and monitoring to ensure the consistency of the finished product. The benefits of remanufactured products also extend the environment, keeping OEM cartridges out of our landfill system.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Toner/Ink, also called genuine or original, are cartridges that have been manufactured by the company or factory that produced your specific printer/device. These consumables are generally VERY expensive relative to the purchase price of the printer. Manufacturers often sell equipment at a significant discount to capture lucrative revenue on the repeat supplies business.

Your Right to Choose

Imagine closing a deal on a brand new car.

The sales rep then explains:  “As a condition of your purchase, all gasoline must be purchased from us at $4 a litre for as long as you own the vehicle, otherwise we’ll void your warranty.” You would think “They’re Crazy!” Why should your Office Equipment be any different? You have a LEGAL RIGHT to choose lower cost compatible imaging supplies! OEM service providers may threaten to “void warranties” and refuse to service equipment, but if you know your rights you can exercise your freedom of choice.

Premium Compatible Laser Toner, Inkjets and Printer Ribbons

Thousands of laser and ink cartridges ship to customers across Canada every month. Sourced from top manufacturers around the globe, our comprehensive selection of IP compliant compatible and remanufactured toner & ink cartridges continues to expand.

New Compatible and Remanufactured cartridges we supply are produced with the industry’s best available components, chips, and high-quality chemical toner & pigment ink. Our products are 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications in colour reproduction, yield, and overall image quality.  Experience brilliant print quality and remarkable savings by procuring your printing supplies from us.



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