ZeccerBox: Make Profit by Sharing Your Printer

By Admin  2018-02-03


Lots of people are happy owners of a printer, but few of them ever get to think of an idea that a simple black-and-white printer may be a source of small income. The creators of ZeccerBox give you an opportunity to earn some extra cash on your printer, if you wish so.

ZeccerBox is a device that connects to a printer and makes it visible on a special mapm where everyone with the urgent need of printing may find most convenient location. Accordin to the developers design, the customers would transfer files and money to the printer owner via a dedicated site, and then the sides would arrange a meeting or the client would pick up prints from the doer’s.

THe project is definitely promising and most probably will affect the way how services are exchanged. However, using ZeccerBox is not completely safe as it assumes disclosure of personal infomation of the doer, including address of residence and account details.

Source:- http://blog.tonercartridgedepot.com/


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